User Analytics

Here you will see all your users data who visited your website and what they do everything in visual way. Lot of other providers doesn’t have this feature, But we have

you can easily understand what user wants, where they get error and lot more.

You will see – Click, Move and Scroll Heatmaps, User information like User Name, Email, City, Country, IP Address, Browser,, Operating System, Visit Time, Spend time on each visited page, Page details, and lot more

You can view all these information with HeatMaps at anytime.This is Best Feature plugin to understand user activity, find and fix errors, which topics are useful and which topics are not useful in your wordpress website and you can do lot more with this plugin

Many providers don’t have this feature and some providers have this feature with lot of limitations and price is too high. But you will get our product at very low cost with one time payment.